Face Stimulating Treatment of Inner Muscles

FaceStim® is one of the unique features of Jovena ®. An intense facial workout helping to tight, volumize and tone the skin and muscles.

FaceStim® gives the face a healthier and naturally younger look in a non-invasive and comfortable way.

Facestim® is powered by Diatermocontraction® technology, the simultaneous combination of diathermy associated with muscle contractions based on RF.

The handpiece® has a patented reticular geometry for optimized and homogenous heat diffusion, a great tool to perform treatments all year long.


plasmaROLL® is a superficial  and safe Fractional
® applicator that targets the superficial layers of the skin and promotes micro-retraction with minimal downtime.

Designed for treatments on large areas of the body, face, neck and decolletage, 
plasmaROLL® is made of a disposable roll
with a dense matrix of micro-holes to assure a fixed distance from the skin.  

This also diminishes the risks of undesirable  side effects on particularly delicate areas. 

plasmaROLL® enables superficial treatments  in the epidermis, optimizing epidermal cell renewal for the treatment of the face, body, neck and decolletage.


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Only available for South Korea and other limited markets