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belongs to the happy few European
manufacturers who has always
exported its devices worldwide.
We are proud to announce that more
than 10000 units have been installed
in 40 countries. Our products
lead famous market as France or Russia, countries where Anti-Aging is a norm.

Brera Medical has largely invested time 
and resources in the development and
industrialization of all their products.
The R&D Team, managed by Gianni
Grattacaso has always been
a priority for Brera.

All our devices are CE and Medical CE 93/42
marked. Thinking both as the final
patients and users: visible, longlasting
results, simplicity of use represent
our main values.




Brera Medical Technologies is a company entirely based and made in Italy. We develop and manufacture medical devices for the market of professional and physical medicine and rehabilitation. We are a recognized pioneer and leader in the worldwide medical aesthetic and physiotherapy. After three generations and 30 years of know-how, Brera still combines traditional italian creativity and intuition with advanced technologies to meet people needs in the field of beauty and medicine. BRERA MEDICAL was one of the first company to focus on non invasive and perfectly secure devices. All our innovations have often given new inspirations to the market but they have never been equaled.



By combining the best of our technologies
Brera revitalizes the market of Physiotherapy.
Professionals don’t need pletore of devices
anymore in their cabinets.
The fusion of Diathermy by Radiofrequency,
Tecartherapy and Ultrasounds through
the medical versions of IMPERIUM® cover
a very broad range of applications:
muscle strength, cellular stimulation,
muscular diatermocontraction,
deep vascularisation and pain relief.



What are professionals of Anti-Aging
waiting for from a device ? An
« ALL IN ONE » very easy to use, secure
and non-invasive.

With the same device, you can create
protocols from 15 to 90 minutes for face
and body.
The applications are numerous:
skin laxity, wrinkles, acne, melasma,
cellulite… With the IMPERIUM ® line,
you have visible results from
the first session.



According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 2 billion people will be aged 60 and older by 2050. This represents both challenges and opportunities. People tend to change the prejudices that we all have from our grand parents. We are more and more into Slow Aging and Good Aging. You have to be in good health and good looking by using innovative solutions. Brera is your business partner for responsible prevention.




We are looking for more than a mere buyer but partners who we can collaborate with hand in hand. The marketing and communication are internal to Brera, the more creative we are, the more sales you will make! We offer more than trainings on our products, we help you to boost your sales through our coaching and experience, also to your final customer.


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We develop and manufacture medical
devices for the market of professional
and physical medicine and rehabilitation.
We are a recognized pioneer and leader
in the worldwide medical aesthetic and

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