System for the care and skin rejuvenation!

Skin Master Plus Combination of three technologies, Skin Master Plus is a revolutionary instrument for the rejuvenation of the skin. It removes the superficial layer and regenerates the deeper layer making the face youthful and luminous from the first treatment.

The peeling function using ultrasounds at low frequency removes the dead cells, the excess sebum, the residues of the make up and other harmful substances, like for example the pollutant agents present in the air. Freeing the skin from the impurities is easy then to produce a perfect and healthy exogenous hydration introducing special solutions by utilizing Skin Master Plus. The Modulated Lotti Microcurrents (MLM) are a powerful activator of the local metabolism and exert an efficient rejuvenating and a wrinkle preventing action. The compression and decompression of the skin structures that go under a micromassage and a significant cavitation effect produced by the ultrasounds at low frequency, produce an extraordinary permeability of the skin.

This and the efficient hyperemia created, improve the provision and absorption of the nutritive ingredients (sonophoresis). The transmitted microcurrents from the microelectrodes produce an exudative inflammatory reaction of the skin that synthesize the fibroblasts, that invites the proliferation of the collagen and elastin. Thus the collagen regenerates inside and the skin regains resistance and elasticity with a selective and lasting action even on the deeper wrinkles. 


The function is used to obtain an exfoliation of the corneous layer of the epidermis. Skin Master PLus is able to guarantee, in one session, the removal of great part of the corneous layer (ca 50%), as a consequence a deep cleansing with the removal of the excess sebum and all toxic substances. Furthermore, the cavitation phenomenon generated by the ultrasounds at low frequency, destroys the germs present jointly responsible for some pathologies (e.g. Acne). The part to be treated is always dampened with natural water or with a specific formula (Peeling solution) for a better adaptation between the actuator and the skin. At the end of this function the skin results to be smooth, bettered and highly permeable.




Dehydration, loss of compactness and elasticity of the skin represent the principle threats to the health and beauty of the face, neck and decolletage. Skin Master Plus provides a perfect hydration after the peeling treatment, the access to the skin is freed and receptive easing the penetration and absorption of specific solutions, active ingredients and personalized formulas for each type of skin.


Precocious senescence, due to external factors and a general slowing down of sythesis activity, can be efficiently contrasted thanks to the supply of the exclusive MLM currents (a powerful activator of local metabolism) of the Skin Master Plus. The particular circular and selective electrodes stimulate the metabolism of the treated areas carrying out an efficient rejuvenation action and one of wrinkle prevention.


The more age advances the more collagen, elastin and glicosamminoglicans are diminished, which by being able to retain large quantities of water, keep the skin youthful and taunt. Skin Master Plus, thanks to the MLM currents - with microelectrodes handpiece, stimulates the exudative inflammatory edema at the derma level, which recalls the proliferation of the fibroblasts that synthesize the new collagen and the elastin. Thus reducing, for example, the dermic emptiness at the level of the wrinkles. Thanks to this "provocation" the collagen and the ialuronic acid are not anymore introduced from the outside, but produced by the body itslef (metabolic filler). In few sessions the skin regains its compactness and elasticity, a large part of wrinkles and the signs of ageing disappear. The face appears remodelled and recaptures all its splendour.



Specifiche tecniche Skin Master Plus

Alimentazione 110 - 220 V~ ( 10%) - 50/60 Hz

  • Consumo 110 VA
  • Classe di sicurezza secondo IEC 601-1 - Classe I tipo BF
  • Ingombro 45 x 34 x 15h cm.
  • Peso 9Kg


  • Oscillazione max (Peeling 100%) - 150 micron pp 20%
  • Frequenza - 25.000 Hz 10%


  • Emissione laser interna 3.5 mW
  • Emissione laser accessibile < 1 mW
  • Lunghezza d'onda 650 +/- 10 nm
  • Durata dell'emissione - Continua
  • Classe del dispositivo laser secondo IEC 825-1 - Classe II

Correnti MLM:

  • Massima corrente in uscita - 8 mA @ (0,1 10 K) ohm
  • Forma d'onda in uscita - Sinusoide a 6000 Hz modulata in ampiezza da Diodinamica difase a 100 Hz
  • Timer - Visualizzabile da display

- Carrello




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Fields of application:


  • Peeling
  • Hydratione
  • Skin regeneration
  • Oxygenation
  • Treatment of deep wrinkles



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