Diathermy radiofrequency power up to 300 Watt.


Imperium Med 300 is a highly technological device for physiotherapy treatments through the provision of high intensity (up tp 250 Watts) energy flows (RF) that develop endogenous heat (diathermy). This equipment is designed to amplify all the biological effects in human tissues arising from the application of diathermy energy, enhancing the ability of elective and selective excitation / stimulation of irradiated tissues. The instrumentation additionally has a specific plug in optional mode of ultrasonic energy at low to medium frequency (40KHz-1MHz)

Imperium Med 300 highlights the capacitive / resistive mode of energy transfer, and without direct application of electric currents on the tissue, creates the movement of ionic charges of its own biological tissues (Endogenous thermotherapy).





Operative Mode

Imperium Med 300 has different ways of working that identify different modes of therapeutic applications able to enhance the effectiveness of the therapy session itself and can give selective indication of the pathology.

These are :

Capacitive and/or Resistive Diathermy

  • Athermal
  • Hypothermal
  • Hyperthermal
  • Personalized

Low Frequency Ultrasound 40 KHz (Cavitation)

  • Breaking
  • Lipolytic
  • Personalized

Low Frequency Ultrasound 25 KHz (Dermoabrasive)

  • Epidermoabrasion
  • Sonophoresis
  • Personalized


  • Mesoporation
  • Personalized






A unique feature of imperium med 300

The most versatile platform "Plug & Treat".
There can be different and specific actuators connected to a single plug for different treatments, allowing one to pass rapidly from the radiofrequency function to the ultrasound function of low or medium frequency.

The device is equipped with the TSL (Thermis Saturation Level) a system of thermal saturation. Each handpiece is able to detect changes in temperature increases until it reaches the targeted temperature limit programmed. This device is useful to detect the exact amount of electromagnetic energy was applied as intended by the pre-selected program.





  • Capacitive Power 300 W max
  • Resistive Power 300 W max
  • RF Frequency from 300 KHz to 1 MHz
  • Dimensions: 48x43x22cm
  • Weight (excluding accessories): 14 Kg
  • Color display 5.7 inch TFt with 320x240 pixel resolution
  • Foot pedal
  • Options and power level can be selected using keyboard membrane and control knob from the equipment
  • Protection from static shock
  • Protection against accidental short circuits between the neutral plate and electrode
  • Equipment Classification IIa
  • Classification for electrical safety classification II, type BF





Fields of application:



Electrode Convex

Electrode Convex

Return Electrode

Box-Thermp GYM
(automatic therapy)
US Ultracav 40 (Optional)

RF Resistive traditional

RF Capacitive traditional


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