An integrative
system based
on two energies

RF Diatermocontraction®
Fractional Plasma®

for skin regeneration




Jovena® takes on a unique approach to skin regeneration by combining two patented modalities in a single device. Fractional Plasma® for minimally invasive microsurgery and RF DiatermoContraction® to reach deeper dermal layers and muscles. Maximize the activity and profitability of your clinic all year long with unmatched protocols. Jovena®offers breakthrough treatment options based on your patient’s needs.



4 different

for amazing

Each HANDPIECE® is specifically designed to maximize treatment results while minimizing downtime.

Jovena® is able to meet your patients’ desired outcomes by providing comfortable treatments with little to no pain.


muscles restoration

bQUAD® by Jovena® is based on the simultaneous combination of RF diathermy associated with muscle contractions (Diatermo Contraction®).

The RF Diathermic Pulse, thanks to its own bio-recognized characteristics, produces massive fibers recruitment while preserving the outstanding comfort during the treatment session.

The muscular contractions generated by the proprietary RF Diathermic Pulse can be combined with the thermic action produced by the RF Diathermy to promote skin tightening, firming and toning. bQUAD® applicator has a patented reticular geometry for optimized and homogenous heat diffusion, a great tool to perform treatments all year long.

Patent n.: 202018000003566

epidermal resurfacing

plasmaROLL® is a gentle and safe Fractional Plasma® applicator that targets the superficial layers of the skin and promotes micro-retraction with minimal downtime.

Designed for treatments on large areas of the body, face, neck and décolletage, plasmaROLL® is made of a disposable roll with a dense matrix of micro-holes to assure a fixed distance from the skin. This also diminishes the risks of undesirable side effects on particularly delicate areas.

plasmaROLL® enables superficial treatments in the epidermis, optimizing epidermal cell renewal.

Patent n.: 202018000002599

deep dermal remodeling

plasmaTIP® provides a precise delivery of Fractional Plasma® to treat common skin aging issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, scars, striae and more. It is an ideal tool for patients who want to get rid of the aging signs with minimal downtime.

The patented plasmaTIP® is an encapsulated disposable needle tip designed for maximum control of the shot. Its glass acts as a spacer system to keep a fixed distance from the skin and as air booster to assure constant ionization during the session.

The DAC© (Deep Action Control) provides two modalities: spot and linear techniques. The operator can choose to stay on one fixed area during the shot with the spot option. Selecting the linear option allows the operator a fast sliding treatment with the benefits of automatic shooting.

Patent n.: 202019000001575


plasmaPRO® is the latest evolution of leading Plasmage®. It has been enhanced by a selective applicator designed to deliver Fractional Plasma® energy. The technology creates controlled damages from the epidermis to the superficial dermis with tailored spots in non-ablative or ablative outputs.

The DAC© treatment modality in the plasmaPRO® allows the operator to choose among the options super thin, medium or medium-wide spots with deep action and the innovative spray program to target medium size areas with limited damages but with high sublimation.

plasmaPRO® by Jovena® will continue to be a reference tool for periorbital treatments (blefaroplasma®) and benign lesions by introducing innovative features.

jovena-treatment plasma and rf diatermocontraction





multilayered treatment
options for a full
skin regeneration

- face resurfacing
- décolletage revitalization
- muscle toning
- soft tissue coagulation
- minimally invasive microsurgery


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Jovena - RF Diatermocontraction + Fractional Plasma ® brera medical technologies ®

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