Against all the unsightly cellulites.

Having already arrived to the third generation, Alis is a revolutionary system that allows us to realize what has been impossible to date: empty the fat reserves, transform and consume them during the treatment.

Alis is a combination of two energies: The IRFA rays and the KMC currents.
It is the effective parallel action of fat releasing processes. Simultaneously, thanks to an intensive passive muscle work, the freed up fatty acids are burned to meet the increased energy requirements demanded by the muscles.

Brera Medical Technologies, thanks to its experience over the past decade, has finalized a non-invasive method: AphaLIpoSculpture, an alternative to liposuction, highly effective for reducing localized fat, "invincible" when combined with a diet and physical activity.

(Out of Production - accessories and maintenance only or customized production)

Therapy ALphaliposculpture with ALIS:

In association with a personalized diet and in a clinical correct manner, it allows to:



It allows



The strength of this therapeutic strategy is scientifically confirmed
by clinical studies with thousands of concerned cases.



Healthy effects confirmed by scientific results:


> Stimulation of the microcirculation
with the improvement of the venous return.

> Decrease of the aedema to the legs thanks to
the cutaneous perfusion and pumping
of the muscle contraction.

> Improvement of the skin which becomes visibly
smoother, firmer and pleasant to the touch.

> Firmness of the skin thanks to
the passive muscular stimulation

> Increasing of the immunological defence.

> Resolution of the diseases due to
the myalgic and/or arthro-rheumatic pathologies.



It uses

1° Emettitore a Raggi IRFA*

IRFA Emitters*
Made up of an exclusive water filter which prevents the reddening and the overheating of the skin.

With consequent:

  • Improvement of the venousreturn and microcirculation.
  • Increasing of the dermofibroblasts.
  • Activation of the lipolysis.

 *German Patent

2° KMC currents

Whose application allows to reach the following advantages:

- Lack of polarizing effects.*
- Deep stimulating action of the muscular fibres.
- High tolerance to the currents without any sensation of pain.

*Safe use in patients with metal prosthetis, cutaneous lesions, surgical injuries, ulcers etc.


IRFA= Promote the release of triglycerides (localized fever)

KMC= Consume the free fatty acids with the passive muscular activity



Fields of application:


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