Imperium RF Matrix Needle Fractional is a new fractional radiofrequency system, a bipolar configuration and three-dimensional effect.

The unique applicator, which is fitted, creates 125 micro holes in the epidermis, leading to a simultaneous denaturation of collagen of the dermis due to the emission of pulsed radiofrequency.

The thermal stimulation of the deep dermis, together with mechanical insult of the perforation, leads to a powerful remodeling of collagen and a whole series of benefits and advantages:


  • Real skin rejuvenation
  • Attenuation of deep wrinkles
  • Formation of new collagen
  • Firming and remodeling of the dermis
  • Non-Surgical TreatmentFew sessions (4-5) spaced apart by three or four weeks
  • Fast and durable results
  • Painless treatment without anesthesia
  • Quick recovery time after the session

Treatable areas:

  • Face (around the eyes, wrinkles, sagging skin)
  • Neck (sagging)
  • Abdomen, Arms, Hands
  • Inner thighs, buttocks
  • Stretch Marksscarsacne


The Imperium Matrix Needle RF Fractional is painless and has no side effects, does not require anesthesia.
During the session and during each spot will be perceived a feeling of deep heat.

After treatment, the skin will be slightly red. The redness will disappear within hours, giving way to a smooth and taut skin, with no signs.
The results will be immediately visible and will be highlighted in the weeks and months that follows, consolidating the effects for a few years.

The method involves the acquisition of photos before you start the program, at the end of the program, and six months after the end of the program.

  • Easy to use (for professionals)
  • Low cost of ownership and rapid return in investment
  • Complementary to the use of botulinum toxin cosmetic and dermal fillers
  • Proven reliability of Italian technology Brera Medical Techinologies





Operative Mode

FPC Papillary

Innovative fractionated handpiece, with 125 micro-needles on a square area of ​​1.2 x 1.2 cm.
The handpiece is designed to perform the treatment with tips at controlled pressure (through an exclusive cushioning system). It allows to create micro holes at various depths in a uniform way, reducing pain and eliminating any chance of bleeding.


The emitter implements the technology of high frequency ultrasound (1MHz) to allow the delivery of any active ingredient (SONOPHORESIS).
The penetration of the active ingredients is supported by the creation of "micro channels" generated by the mechanical action of the FPC handpiece and for the increased skin permeability due to the ultrasonic action.

RF Endolift (patented)

This unique device emits bipolar radiofrequency combined with passive contraction of the muscles of support.
This technique, defined DIATERMOCONTRACTION®, allows, in addition to the effects of the radiofrequency on the tissues (biostimulation of collagen and elastin), to improve muscle tone and to promote a marked "lifting" effect of the face.


* The handpieces needle meet all safety requirements.





Feature Matrix Imperium

The FPC emitter of Imperium RF Matrix is equipped with interchangeable heads with 125 micro-needles and a special cushioning to follow any profile of the face.

The FPC tip triggers regenerative reactions in the supporting tissues, resulting in a remodeling of the collagen fibers with increase in their tensile strength and stimulation of the proliferative phase.

The process involves the deep layers of the dermis, preserving the superficial ones. The tissues are regenertated in a completely natural manner, with an immediate return to the social life.

The therapy is painless and has no side effects, does not require anesthesia and recovery time.

The results will be immediately visible and will be highlighted in the weeks and months that follows.

Read more - diatermoContraction >>



Technical Specifications - Matrix

  • Dimensions 45x35x15h cm
  • Weight 7,5 Kg
  • Color display TFT 5,7' risolution 320x240 pixel
  • System of protection from static shock
  • equipment Classification IIA
  • equipment Classification I tipo BF


  • RF Mode Bipolar
  • Frequency RF 0,5 MHz
  • Max output power 120 W
  • Output voltage 75 Vrms


  • Frequency 1MHz
  • Mode Contiuned (CW) Pulsed (PW)
  • Max intensity in Output 3W/cmq in PW/cmq in CW
  • ERA 5 cmq
  • BNR Mx 6


Imperium RF Matrix is produced in accordance with
European standards ISO9001 - EN 13485.
Medical Device 




Fields of application:

  • Microroughness
  • Acne scars
  • Medium, moderate Wrinkles
  • Stretch Marks
  • Lifting - skin tightening
  • Anti-aging - Enlarged Pores


FPC (Fractional Pulsed Crown)
2 Tips included
Mesowave High frequency US for Sonophoresys
RF Endolift
Bipolar treatment



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