Biomedical Technology evolved to treatments in aesthetic medicine.


There are various forms of Beauty expectations depending on the lifestyle, culture and needs of the patients. That’s whyBrera Medical created for you the first device to offer customized protocols because everyone is unique.
In one device you can perform combined therapies for face and body. Discover our multilevel protocols to restore your skin and body.


Experience, Creativity and Intuition 
to meet the needs of medical aesthetics

Brera Medical Technologies - made in Italy - is a pioneer in design and conception of aesthetic medical devices with 40 years of experience. Brera offers innovative solutions for the face and body in anti aging, aesthetic medicine and physiotherapy. Brera has protocols for all parts of the body and every skin type. Our knowledge in physiotherapy leads us to understand and respect the human body. Muscles are the fundamental structure of a healthy body.

Imperium® MED 400 is the first and only electroemdical in the world with Diatermocontrazione ®, a technology based on Radio Frequency with an exclusive patented modulation that allows endogenous heating (Diathermy) while inducing massive muscle contractions. A unique instrumentation of its kind, expanding its fields of use and significantly reducing application times compared to traditional equipment. Imperium MED 400 is the first device allowing you to work during the same session on all the layers of the body from the epidermis to the muscles.





A new way to catch deep muscles and tissues allowing Diathermy and Muscular Contraction at the same time (Diatermocontraction®):

In few words:
• Patented Muscular contraction by RF
• A powerful Diathermy
• Ergonomic handpieces
• Free operator mode applications
• Lipo reduction with US for lipolysis

Smart results and new areas of treatments:
• Skin laxity on abdomen
• Water retention on the knees and legs
• Gluteus lifting
• Inner thighs
• Bat-wing arms

Among the most outstanding applications we have:
• Skin laxity
• Treatment of dimples
• Buttock lift
• Liporeduction
• Functional recovery of adipose tissue
• Improvement of blood circulation
• Lymphatic drainage
• Muscle toning

MED 400 trattamento corpo body treatments


The rejuvenation of muscles 
is the future in Aesthetics



bquad 4POLAR
Capacitive RF

BQUAD is a Multi POLAR Capacitive RF handpiece for body treatment with 4 electrodes that emit RF concentrating a large amount of energy in the center, providing the therapist with greater speed and comfort when performing treatment in larger areas. Thanks to its design, the patient will experience a feeling of fullness in the area treated, a greater concentration of diathermy and a remodeling massage that helps to sculpt and define the body thanks to its spherical shaped electrodes.

Diathermy to treat fat and cellulite
The effect will be a deep heating of the tissue thanks to the powerful diathermy which is more than enough to treat accumulations of fat and cellulite without the use of a return plate. Liporeduction action, in which you will be burning fat up to 72 hours after treatment.



Cellulite is a disease of the hypodermis of evolving nature.

It is manifested by:

  • The increase in the number and volume of subcutaneous adipocytes
  • The reduction of the underlying muscle tone
  • The reduction of the vascularity of the muscle layer beneath the fat component
  • Reduced blood flow to hypoxia and consequently limited supply of oxygen, nutrients and hormones
  • Poor response to hormonal lipolytic action stimulated by the diet because they (oxigen, nutrients and hormones) are reduced to a minimum quantity

Considering also that the increase of fat accumulation is not accompanied by a corresponding increase in vascularity, the condition worsens and enters a vicious cycle of evolution: less blood, decreased metabolism, fat deposition, altered connective tissue, fibrosis, nodules and cellulite.

The deposits of excess fat hinder the oxygenation, causing cellular hypoxia and induce impaired function of the adipose cell.

With regard to the anatomy of the superficial fat layer (hypoderma), having a peripheral location it affects:

1. The alteration of circulation and microcirculation
2. The increase of lactic acid due to lack of oxygen
3. The consequent damage to cell membranes with dramatic loss of sensitivity to lipolytic stimuli.

Compounding the situation, there are the venous antigravity valves, theat increase their incontinence, resulting
in stagnation of toxins, and that attack the damaged cells.

From these schematic considerations the non-surgical Body Contouring project was born through a provided therapeutic strategy.


Synergy of Anti-Cellulite action
BQuad + US Cavitation + Diatermocontraction®


Immediate results

from the first session






How RF Sculpturing by IMPERIUM ®
can improve the quality of your skin?

As we age collagen production in the skin diminishes and the skin loses volume and elasticity and hydration and the vascular tissue also decreases. As a result, the skin becomes thinner, softer, stressed and dehydrated. Endogenous heat produced by IMPERIUM® stimulation, over 2-4 months, causes the formation and growth of new collagen, with an improvement of the extracellular matrix network. After a session of Imperium, the skin will glow, the fine lines and wrinkles reduced and the jawlines more tightened

Other effects:

• Eyebrow lifting (treatment of forehead, more lively, less stressed appearance)
• Cheeks and cheekbones
• Reduction in nasolabial folds.



A must-have technology to clean the skin


sonoforesi peeling lefting med 400 

Technology used: elastic wave (low frequency ultrasound 25kHz) IMPERIUM® integrates one of the leading technology that made our success: the Sonoblade from the Skin Master Plus for water peeling and drug infusion. The actuator transmits a series of vibrations (Elastic Wave) with a frequency of 25.000 Hz.

The elastic wave produces different effects:

• Exfoliation of the most superficial cornelayer (epidermabrasion)
• Bacterial sterilisation
• Increase in blood supply
• Increase in skin permeability
• Stimulation of skin cell turnover
• Hydration
• Elimination of non-pathological dark spots on the superficial layers (e.g. chloasma)
• Sonophoresis, no needle mesotherapy


Imperium MED 400 adopts the exclusive technique with Fractional Pulsed Crown RF

The TIP creates 125 micro holes in the epidermis, leading to a simultaneous denaturation of collagen in the dermis due to the emission of pulsed radiofrequency. The process involves the deep layers of the dermis, preserving the superficial ones. The tissues are regenerated in a completely natural manner, with no downtime.
The thermal stimulation of the deep dermis, together with mechanical action of the perforation, leads to a strong collagen remodeling and a whole series of benefits and advantages.

fpc fractional rf




Immediate effect
without cosmetic surgery

Your body can still produce collagen, Imperium helps it do it













fpc med 400


sfere rf diatermia med 400 

sonoblade med lifting



Configuration can change. Ask your dealer for optional probes and accessories not visible in this page.



  • Capacitive Power 400 W max
  • Resistive Power 400 W max
  • RF Frequency from 300 KHz to 1 MHz
  • Dimensions: 48x43x22cm
  • Weight (excluding accessories): 14 Kg
  • Color display 5.7 inch TFt with 320x240 pixel resolution
  • Foot pedal
  • Options and power level can be selected using keyboard membrane and control knob from the equipment
  • Protection from static shock
  • Protection against accidental short circuits between the neutral plate and electrode
  • Equipment Classification IIa
  • Classification for electrical safety classification II, type BF



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