The efficacy of the combined action of Radiofrequency + US!


Imperium Master is more than an ordinary beauty treatmentof the face and the body. The therapeutic approach may be Endogenous (Biostimolulation) and Exogenous (Transdermal delivery of formulas without using needles).

Imperium Master is not just an ordinary beauty tratment device, it is an innovative technology that helps our body regenerate itself in a natural manner, immediately improving the physical aspect and overall well-being.

With Imperium Master results are immediately visible: the face looks young and bright, the body will find  the always desired shape.

Imperium Master promotes a deep exfoliating action (epidermoabrasion) through the use of low frequency ultrasound (25Khz) which purify the skin and eliminate 50% of the corneous layer. Epidermoabrasion offers more benefits than traditional chemical peelings, avoiding side effects which can be severe, such as pigmentation alterations, acne, allergies and other undesirable effects. At 40Khz Imperium Master promotes cavitation effects to treat selectively the body fat without side effects or downtime, and with results that last over time.

Treatments with effective results, which are:
Rapid, Durable and Non invasive





Operative Mode




Radiofrequency of last generation
The devices that belong to the Imperium line stimulate the natural physiological processes of the tissue metabolism, producing remarkable thermic effects. These can have a denaturating (collagen contraction) or biostimulating (tissue regeneration) effect. Thanks to the presence of a thermic sensor, supplied to each handpiece, Imperium Master is able to dose the correct amount of energy with the maximum safety.

Endogenous heat
The free electrical charges, present in all biological structures, are accumulated and respelled by an electromagnetic field, up to 2 million times per second (moving currents), transfroming these oscillations in endogenous heat (capacitor principle). Many clinical studies in the dermatology and medical aesthetics fields have shown the effective value of this non invasive technique. Surprising results have been recorded in terms of skin rejuvenation and in treatment of wrinkles (both superficial and deep), skin tightening, loss of volume, scars, stretch marks and acne. The controlled heating of the derma causes the contraction of collagen fibers, while the action inflicted on tissues by the heat stimulates the proliferation of Fibroblasts, thereby activating endogenous tissue regeneration. Just a few treatments, carried out periodically, can ensure stable and lasting results, even up to two years.




Ultracav 40*
A new generation integrated system for cavitation (patent pending). Imperium has introduced new Ultrasound integrated system with emissions at (40 KHz), appropriately modulated, in order to carry out the maximum possible lipolytic and lipoclasic effect to the treated area. The particular convex shape of the actuator permits much safer treatments confined more on the local adiposity respect to the traditional flat heads. The energy absorbed, as well as having a draining effect, stimulates the biological processes in the tissues being treated. Stimulation of the sodium and potassium pump, and the lipo emulsion caused by the sonification, can enhance a natural lipolysis in the treated area, a reduction of deep subcutaneous fat, and reduction in the development of cellulite. In "Breaking" function and in water-rich tissues the device can supply powers that increse the lipoclasic effect and significant loss of the circumference.



Non invasive MESOTHERAPY (NIM) - Radioporation

RF Electroporation
Integrated system of last generation for transdermal delivery of active ingredients. The Electroporation is a universally recognized technique in molecular biology. By using high voltage electrical impulses, the electroporation opens numerous aqueous channels in the derma, thereby permitting the passage of large molecules. Imperium uses an exclusive and patented transdermal delivery system which transmits appropriately modulated and synchronised electric impulses, radiofrequency and vibro-percussion. The synergic effect of these physical energies makes this device the only system in the world capable of amplifying the effect of "non invasive mesotherapy" (NIM).




Epidermoabrasion - SONOBLADE 25

The corneous layer is a protective barrier for the body and it acts as a filter to prevent the penetration of numerous substances, whatever their molecular weight. To make radioporation more efficient, Imperium has a function, practiced with the Sonoblade 25 actuator, that removes up to 50-60% of the protective corneous layer in a non invasive way. This treatment is useful for increasing cutaneous permeability thanks to the epidermic abrasion and the fluidification of the hydrolypidic film that compacts the corneous cells.

FPC Papillary (new update 07/2019)

Innovative fractionated handpiece, with 125 micro-needles on a square area of ​​1.2 x 1.2 cm.
The handpiece is designed to perform the treatment with tips at controlled pressure (through an exclusive cushioning system). It allows to create micro holes at various depths in a uniform way, reducing pain and eliminating any chance of bleeding.

The FPC tip triggers regenerative reactions in the supporting tissues, resulting in a remodeling of the collagen fibers with increase in their tensile strength and stimulation of the proliferative phase.

The process involves the deep layers of the dermis, preserving the superficial ones. The tissues are regenertated in a completely natural manner, with an immediate return to the social life.

The therapy is painless and has no side effects, does not require anesthesia and recovery time.

The results will be immediately visible and will be highlighted in the weeks and months that follows.



Features of Imperium Master

The corneous layer is a protective barrier for the body and it acts as a filter to prevent penetration of numerous substancies, whatever is their molecular weight. To make radioporation more effective, Imperium has a function (Sonoblade 25) that removes up to 50% of the protective corneous layer in a non invasive way.This treatment is useful for increasing cutaneous permeability, thereby eliminating a large part of the corneous layer and making more fluid the hydrolypidic film that compacts the corneous cells.


Imperium Master  has special integrated and patented actuators which combine the emission of physical energies with a percussion vibration system, an ideal synergy for deep and highly stimulating endothermal massage.
This exclusive characteristic increases tolerance to heat, blood flow and lymphatic drainage.


The most versatile and powerful “Plug & Treat” multiplatform system. The unit features a single cable which can be connected to a wide range of actuators, from built-ins to optional once, sold separately, or even future models.

Each actuator has exclusive features for targeted treatments.



Technical specifications of Imperium Master

  • Supply 110 - 230 V~ (± 10%) - 50/60 Hz
  • Consumption 140 VA
  • Safety Class: Class I tipo BF, in accordance with the rules CEI 62-39:1998 and CEI 62-23:2001 (EN 60601-2-5)
  • Dimension 45x35x15h cm.
  • Weight 7,50 Kg.

  • RF modality Mono-Bi- and Tripolar
  • RF frequency 0,5 MHz
  • Power Up to 50 W



Fields of application:

  • Deep wrinkles
  • Melasma
  • Acne
  • Alopecia aerata
  • Skin Laxity
  • Cellulite
  • Adiposity


Sonoblade 25 

Sonicator 2D High frequency US
RF Spheres
RF Multipolar 
FPC (Papillary)
new tool 2019
Ultracav 40 (for medical use only - Optional)

The data, images and so described does not assume contractual value and can be changed at any time without prior notice.

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