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There are various forms of Beauty expectations depending on the lifestyle, culture and needs of the patients. That’s why Brera Medical created for you the first device to offer customized protocols because everyone is unique.
In one device you can perform combined therapies for face. Discover our multilevel protocols to restore your skin.


Experience, Creativity and Intuition 
to meet the needs of aesthetics
med 400 beauty

Brera Medical Technologies - made in Italy - is a pioneer in design and conception of aesthetic medical devices with 40 years of experience. Brera offers innovative solutions for the face and body in anti aging, aesthetic and physiotherapy. Brera has protocols for all parts of the body and every skin type. Our knowledge in physiotherapy leads us to understand and respect the human body. Muscles are the fundamental structure of a healthy body.

Imperium® MED 400 is the first and only electroemdical in the world with Diatermocontrazione ®, a technology based on Radio Frequency with an exclusive patented modulation that allows endogenous heating (Diathermy) while inducing massive muscle contractions. A unique instrumentation of its kind, expanding its fields of use and significantly reducing application times compared to traditional equipment.





How RF Sculpturing by IMPERIUM ®
can improve the quality of your skin?

As we age, the skin diminishes and the skin loses volume and elasticity and hydration and the vascular tissue also decreases. As a result, the skin becomes thinner, softer, stressed and dehydrated. Endogenous heat produced by IMPERIUM® stimulation, over 2-4 months, causes the formation and growth of new collagen, with an improvement of the quality of the skin. After a session of Imperium, the skin will glow, the fine lines and wrinkles reduced and the jawlines more tightened

Other effects:

• Eyebrow lifting (treatment of forehead, more lively, less stressed appearance)
• Lifted cheekbones
• Reduction in nasolabial folds.





Immediate effect
without cosmetic surgery

Your body can still produce collagen, Imperium helps it do it






t point rf med 400 beauty


sfere rf diatermia med 400 

Configuration and other can change. Ask your dealer for optional probes and accessories not visible in this page.


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