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JOVENA ® is a multifunctional device Dedicated to the treatment of the skin and subcutis of the face and body in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. It has an effective radiofrequency (RF) system (Facestim ®), capable of producing thermal effects on biological tissues associated with muscle stimulation (Diatermocontraction®), and an innovative “Fractional Plasma ®” plasma source for the treatment of skin blemishes - non-invasive microsurgery.


BodyStim by Imperium® is an innovative and non-invasive device for body treatments which combines numerous integrated functions in one system. Promotes an intense workout that helps volumize and tone the skin and muscles, giving the body a healthier and younger appearance in a non-invasive and comfortable way.
BodyStim by Imperium ® is the results of the synergy of two cutting edge technologies based on a simultaneous combination of RF diathermy associated with Muscle Contractions (The
Diatermocontraction ® technology, patented by Brera Medical since 2010, represents a unique and unparalleled advancement in the market. This technology, continuously tested and refined over the years, stands as a singular achievement, envied and never replicated at its exceptional standards.)...


Depliant Plasmage ® - The first patented Fractional Plasma®
for dermatology and aesthetic medicine...


Plasmage - Before After treatments gallery


Imperium® MED 400 is a technological marvel, the maximum expression of “Diatermocontraction®”;
Through the emission of energy flows (radiofrequency) of high intensity (400 watts)...

In one device, you can perform combined therapies for face and body.
Discover our multilevel protocols to restore your skin and body.


Imperium Master is dedicated to the aesthetic treatment of the face. The approach may be Endogenous (Biostimolulation) and Exogenous (Transdermal delivery of formulas).

Imperium Master is not just an ordinary beauty tratment: it is an innovative technology that helps yuor body regenerate itself in a natural manner, immediately improving your aspect and the overall well-being.
With Imperium Master results are immediately seen: your face looks young and bright.


• Microroughness
• Acne scars
• Medium, moderate Wrinkles
• Stretch Marks
• Enlarged pores
• Periorbital wrinkles and Ptosis


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We develop and manufacture medical
devices for the market of professional
and physical medicine and rehabilitation.
We are a recognized pioneer and leader
in the worldwide medical aesthetic and

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