BRERA MEDICAL patents a new application of radiofrequency diathermy. The response to capacitive / resisitive energy transfer in biological tissues, which is obtained through the use or application of instruments that deliver Radiofrequency Diathermy, is proportional and consequential to the amount of specific energy irradiated.

The new Imperium Med 400 device, in addition to representing the top among the known instruments, has the peculiarity of creating a significant excitation and stimulation at the cellular level in every type of biological tissue involved, to the point of obtaining an amplification of all the actions endogenous thermotherapy (vasodilatation, antalgic effect, tissue oxygenation, etc.), which manifests itself on the muscle tissue with a maximal and complete contraction both in athermic mode (without perceived heat) and in thermal mode (synchronous contraction heat). This innovation excites neuromuscular spindles and increases the sliding speed of actin and myosin filaments; activates and accelerates the calcium ion pump of the fibrocells and their production of ATP, resulting in a muscle contraction; moreover, if we consider the thermal effect typical of diathermy and the efficacy of heat, it is easy to deduce that the muscle contraction obtained is certainly very useful in immediate muscle recovery because it occurs in an aerobic atmosphere with reduction of fatigue and quick elimination of waste products such as lactic acid, increased tendon extensibility and elasticity of muscle tissue.

This makes Imperium Med 400 a unique instrumentation of its kind, extending its fields of use and significantly reducing application times compared to traditional equipment. Find out more about Imperium Med in the products section.



BREVETTO RM2008U000141


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