Imperium therapy & FPC Cool

Fractional Pulsed Crown RF with cooling system. Great benefits for skin tightening.

In Brera we believe that every customer deserves to benefit from what is best in the world:

non-invasive treatments that are both pleasant and safe, as well as the achievement of results satisfactory and lasting in the quickest possible way.

A great opportunity to achieve this objective is the newest device Imperium Matrix COOL, the most advanced workstation that has given a boost to the field of aesthetic medicine.




  • No Downtime.
  • Immediate visible results.
  • Absence of bleeding.
  • Long lasting results.
  • Absence of pain.



Imperium Matrix Cool is the combination of three forms of energy for outstanding results against:

  • Microroughness.
  • Outcomes after acne scars.
  • Medium, moderate Wrinkles
  • Stretch Marks.
  • Enlarged pores.



IMPERIUM Matrix Cool




The Innovative TIP

FPC Cool (Fractional Pulsed Crown Cool) Innovative fractional handpiece, with 225 micro-needles on a square area of ​​1.2 x 1.2 cm. The handpiece is designed to perform the treatment with tips at controlled pressure (through an exclusive cushioning system).It allows to create micro holes at various depths in a uniform way, reducing pain and eliminating any chance of bleeding.

The handpiece is equipped with a system of local cooling, used during the treatment, that brings great benefits to the patient. The only system of its kind.
Our unique FPC Cool doubles the effectiveness of therapy with Fraciotnated Radio Frequency in less time, reducing the side effects on the surface of the skin and the downtime.


  • NO Burnings, Bleeding,
  • Local anesthesia and Pain
  • Double energy > Double effectiveness.
  • No side effects on the surface, with
  • double of the power.
  • Volumizing - Natural filler Effect.
  • Non-Surgical Lifting Effect.
  • Wrinkles Reduction.


The tissues are regenerated in a completely natural and painless, with an immediate return to social life.





Micro-needling RF
This technique, although very common, does not allow, however, the frequency adjustment of the needles according to the resistance of the skin. It operates accordingly with irregular and unequal perforations . The result is therefore not always homogeneous.
The micro-needling is generally characterized by a head with a lower number of needles that allows it to operate over a limited area of the skin surface.
The modules, moreover, do not include a guide and the needles can undergo lateral deviations or even obliquely positioned during treatment, in this way causing skin trauma. Needles too long are used for the face causing perforations in the dermis, and the consequent effect of bleeding. Most of the techniques of micro-needling employ local anesthesia to decrease the sensation of pain, but this does not eliminate the unpleasant effect of bleeding


Needle Roller
This technique involves the use of a cylinder with multiple needles that are passed manually on the skin. The needles operate small perforations on the skin, stimulating the natural mechanism of self-repair.This manual processing does not allow to control the depth of action of the needles. A higher pressure or excessive involves deep drilling, pain and possible scarring under the skin.If the pressure is too light, it causes surface perforations that have no effect.
This technique does not howe the combined use with RF, so it is only a mechanical type approach.


Fractionated Laser
The fractional laser creates tiny areas, such as pixels, in the depth of the dermis, pushing out the old damaged skin. Each treatment replaces approximately 15-20% of sun-damaged skin, aging or dehydrated. This triggers a natural healing process of the body by accelerating the production of collagen and producing new healthy cells. The results also depend on the type of skin problem. If the treatment consists of repeated courses you need to wait until the end of the cycle, even 5 months before to have satisfactory results. Before the treatment is often necessary local anesthesia with special creams to be applied at least 1 hour before the treatment in order to reduce the pain. Sometimes it is also necessary to apply a numbing eye drops for the insertion of a contact lens to protect your eyes. In the first 24 hours after treatment, the skin may be sore. It is not recommended when you are undergoing pharmacological treatment with photosensitive drugs, anticoagulants and during pregnancy.Not recommended for very dark skin types.







Imperium RF Matrix Cool is a new fractionated radiofrequency system, a bipolar configuration with three-dimensional effect.

The FPC applicator creates 225 micro holes in the epidermis, leading to a simultaneous denaturation of collagen in the dermis due to the emission of pulsed radiofrequency.

The thermal stimulation of the deep dermis, together with mechanical insult of the perforation, leads to a strong collagen remodeling and a whole series of benefits and advantages:.

. True skin rejuvenation

. Reduction of deep wrinkles

. Development of new collagen

. Firming and remodeling of the dermis

. Painless treatment, without anesthesia

. Quick recovery time after the session

. Absence of an effect on melanin which makes the procedure safe in darker skin types and on lighter targets

. Effective already since the first two sessions.

. Few sessions (4-5) spaced by 3/4 weeks for rapid and lasting results


Evaluations conducted at 7 days after treatment show no inflammatory infiltrate or tissue necrosis.
Evaluations conducted at 4 months showed an increase in the density of collagen and reductions in the volume of the sebaceous glands.
The process involves the deep layers of the dermis, without affecting the superficial ones.
The tissues are regenerated in a completely natural and painless way, with an immediate return to the social life.






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