Brera in Indonesia

At HUANG HOUSE Clinic, directed by Dr. Widya Widjaja, in Jakarta, we have presented and installed two Imperium Med 400 for Physiotherapy and Aesthetic Medicine and ALIS (ALPHALIPOSCULPTURE). A center of excellence in the techniques of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine that has found, in our systems, the ideal mix to represent the modernity of these ancient healing techniques.

On-site training of human resources and technical personnel, experimentation and innovation are the activities that have brought us today on the Indonesian market and will be the task on which we base our rapid expansion throughout South East Asia.

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Via Antonio Di Genio, 26
84061 - Ogliastro Cilento (SA) Italy

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Tel. : +39 0974 19.36.516
Fax: +39 0974.19.36.514



We develop and manufacture medical
devices for the market of professional
and physical medicine and rehabilitation.
We are a recognized pioneer and leader
in the worldwide medical aesthetic and

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