Facial sculpting with FACESTIM®

Jovena® by Brera Medical is a unique approach to facial rejuvenation that combines two patented procedures in a single device: Radiofrequency and DiatermoContraction.


Deep dermal remodelling and muscle restoration promote skin tightening, firming, toning and lifting features.

Dr Daniela Taher

In the past, the non invasive procedures focused more on skin changes and ignored the aging of the muscles, fat pads, retaining ligaments and bones. By understanding the age related changes in the anatomical facial layers, we can target the affected areas with more predictable outcomes. Ideally, treating facial aging should offer techniques that address skin sagging, repositioning of fat, muscle functions, bone atrophy, etc. Facial mimetic muscles are attached to the dermis and play a role of structural support of the soft tissues of our body. Senescence of facial muscles result from repetitive muscle contraction and muscle tone changes. With age, the motion amplitude shortens, the facial muscles lengthen and there is a loss of activity in some of them. The elasticity of the skin is affected by the quality of the collagen. With age, the synthesis rate of collagen decreases and the degradation increases. Meanwhile the synthesis of elastin starts to decline.

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