Effectiveness of diathermocontraction ® Med 400

in skin laxity and drainage of interstitial fluids in post liposuction (Med 400)



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And discover our last press release about Imperium Med400 and the unique Diathermocontraction : combination of deep RF and muscular contractions.
First device in the world to combine simultaneously those 2 actions.
Interview with Dr Luca Zattoni, cosmetic surgeon.
Aesthetic Medicine


" In recent times, devices based on muscle contraction, also thanks to lockdowns, are becoming more and more “trendy” but what we really need to focus on is a global treatment strategy. Diather-mocontraction is precisely the combination of muscle contraction and radiofrequency (RF).

In recent years, the requests for unwanted fat removal with minimal to none downtime have much increased. For example, combined treatments of liposculpture and diathermocontrac-tion allow us to achieve results superior to liposuction alone with almost immediate resumption of daily activities.

Radiofrequency (RF) diathermy is an energy transfer system, that amplifi es tissue responses with increased cellular activity: production of ATP, oxygenation, contractile metabolism. It is a capacitive / resistive type of energy transfer, with a positive effect on biological tissues which is proportional to the quan-tity of radiated energy. Diathermy is therefore a conversion of energy, generated by an RF device, which passes through bio-logical tissues and causes the formation of heat. RF is an elec-tromagnetic wave with a spectrum in the order of KHertz. In addition to stimulating contractile effects, this energy reduces infl ammation at the dermal-cutaneous level (transforming en-ergy into heat) thus promoting dermal contraction which helps to improve the post-operative results of liposuction. Excitation at cellular level produces metabolic effects: in-creased vasodilation, increased oxygenation, analgesic effect and augmented contractility of actin and myosin fi laments, causing maximal contraction of muscle fi bres both in thermal mode (heat synchronous to contraction) and in athermic (wi-thout perceived heat).





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