newONE portability and power in physiotherapy!


newONE is about to become the ideal tool for rehabilitation therapists who still want to use the traditional tecar therapy techniques that have already been widely tested for years on the market, but who are also seeking new methods of treatment for the well-being of their patients

The collaboration between medicine and electronics has created new tools that are able to make the body healthier and more efficient.

newONE was born after years of research and study in the field of physical medicine, with the help of the latest technology and modern electronics.

The newONE system has been designed with the express purpose of promoting the development of energy within biological tissue to activate tissue repair, after removing the inflammation by eliminating the chemical factors that determine it. (TE.CA.R therapy * - Resistive and Capacitive Energy Transfer)  is the application of an energy transmission system based on radio-frequency, applied to the human body as a method that is able to generate and use the quality and the quantity of energy accumulated by the body for therapeutic purposes.

newONE owes its effectiveness to the combination of the proposed energies that, associated in a specific way, integrate and enhance the treatment.

newONE is a useful tool in the sports world to reduce and prevent the incidence of injuries during athletic preparation phases.

This need is strongly felt in the field of sports medicine to deal with the problems of athletes, often subjected to biomechanical and articular overload due to a greater number of workouts that are increasingly pressing.




How It Works



It is a technique that uses the physical principle of the high-frequency condensor, creating an electromagnetic field between active and negative electrodes. It involves the human body in a hyperactivity of movement through the current of electrolytic charges within the body. All of these elements work when the circuits are closed, creating an electric differential that generates energy and creates a movement of charges equal to the number of pulses emitted by the generator.

The electric differential is measured like a voltage generator. The human body is a second-type electric armour and has the function of conductor with variable resistors from surface to depth.

The ability to quantify the absorbed energy in Joules / cm2 allows the operator to use a proper energy dosage adapted to the type and severity of the disease, with the typical selectivity of the emission frequency, enabling the execution of a protocol that is now objective instead of subjective.

Three fundamental factors are thus obtained:

• greater effectiveness, with an optimal dose of energy,

• absence of significant side effects and certainty of outcome, avoiding the overdose of energy,

• innovative technology that sets different parameters on the use and application of physical principles of radiofrequency applied to the body for a therapeutic process.

Low, Medium, High levels of the Tecar therapy - Effects

At the low energetic level, cell biostimulation occurs without endothermic dissipation. A the medium level there is an increase in temperature (not induced by the transfer of heat like in other radiant energy therapies). At the high level there is a greater vasodilation with a natural increase of the hemolymphatic flow.

The energy levels can be adjusted and customized on the basis of the symptoms and the patient's response. The use of these different operating modes can be modified depending on the circumstances and the objectives. Three essential and synergic resulting actions determine a rapid recovery of the function:

• Powerful analgesic action, to act on the nerve endings,

• Draining effect on the tissues, through the mobilization of electrolytes and control micro-circulation,

• Strong peripheral stimulation at the functional circulatory level, thanks to an increase in endogenous temperature.


 diatermia ex manip

The Tecar Therapy works in depth (it does not transmit radiation from the outside but draws electric charges from the body tissues) generating endogenous thermal energy.


 resistive mode

The point of concentration of the charge is in the most "resistive" area of the biological tissue interposed between the active electrode and the passive reference electrode. The highest amount of electric charges are concentrated on the tendons, ligaments or bones.

The surface of the active electrode is usually inferior to that of the passive / reference electrode.



capacitive mode

The charge concentration area is created in the vicinity of the isolated active electrode.
The surface of the active electrode is inferior to that of the passive / reference electrode.

livelli energia


Unique features of newONE





and development of a new Universal knob.
Lightweight, Ergonomic and Functional.

The new design of the knob was elaborated in accordance with the massage and traditional grip therapeutic styles.

Universal quick coupling knob that modulates the energy delivered automatically thanks to its particular geometry and allows to treat surfaces of varied extension with a single electrode, both Resistive and Capacitive.


Therapy in Motion

newONE approximately 3,5Kg weight, easy to carry for home therapy with supplied backpack and modular for several therapy choices.

Benefits for patients

• Painless therapy, with patient well-being.

• Immediate functional improvement (in the first 24 hours).

• Therapy cost more interesting than for other applications.

• Harmless treatment, there are no known side effects.

• Some precautions should be taken in patients who use pacemakers, in people with no sensitivity to temperature and in pregnant women.


Benefits for physical therapists and rehabilitation centres.

• newONE is multifunctional for treatments in the areas of rehabilitation, neurology, pain management, sports medicine, physiotherapy.

• Offer your patients / clients an exclusive service for the treatment of pain.

• Integrates well with other therapies.

• Has an automatic without operator function.

• More power with 200W RF

• Improved and intuitive software with touch screen.

• New functional and ergonomic knobs for a grip that helps the work of the physiotherapist.

• The Tecar therapy with newONE meets the many expectations of your patients. It is currently used in many countries around the world. In Italy, many clinical practices, hospitals, associations and sports teams have very successfully adopted its use.


Technical SpecificationsnewONE

  • Supply 110 - 240 V~ (± 10%) - 50/60 Hz
  • Consumption 365 W max
  • Safety Class  I tipo BF
  • Dimensions 270x50x90 mm - Modul RF 270x85x170 mm
  • Weight circa 3,5Kg
  • Handpieces RF Resistive and Capacitive - 3D Static

  • RF Mode Monopolar
  • Frequency RF 0,5 MHz
  • Output voltage up to a 200 W
  • TMax output power up to 96 Vrms @ 47Ω





Benefits for patients

Fields of application:
Electrode Convex

Electrode Convex
Box-Thermo GYM
(automatic therapy)
RF-Electrode T-Point


Low Frequency Ultrasound 

LOW Frequency
Ultrasound 1MHZ


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