In view of the intense period of very close races that will await the team between August and November, the team is joined by an important partner with the aim of facilitating post-stage recovery and reducing stress and muscle injuries. The company will equip the team with the innovative Imperium Med 400 and with NewOne, the ideal machine for therapy in a dynamic context such as cycling.

The athletes of the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team are training individually on the roads of their region in these days in order to prepare for the important return to the races scheduled for August 1 at the Strade Bianche in the Italian calendar and by the end of July in the international calendar. In the same way the team is preparing to face an intense period of competitions that will see a busy schedule with few days of recovery. To better address it, the team has chosen to work alongside an absolute quality partner such as Brera Medical, who will provide the #GreenTeam with its best instruments dedicated to physiotherapy, specifically the innovative Imperium Med 400 and the easily transportable NewOne. The primary objective will in fact be to help the athlete in recovering intense, prolonged and close-up efforts, thus reducing muscle stress and injury risks.


Imperium Med 400 is based on high technology for physiotherapeutic treatment in medicine, through the delivery of high intensity energy flows (Radio frequency) (400w) that develop endogenous heat. The machinery developed by Brera Medical will allow endogenous thermotherapy (diathermy) to be achieved, through energy transfer in the tissues in a capacitive and / or resistive way. It will also allow you to work on the contraction of the streaked and smooth muscles (patent filed) that affect them superficially and deeply, together or not with the action of thermotherapy, also taking advantage of the mechanical vibration in addition (infrasound).

NewOne is the technology designed for sports such as cycling in which itinerant nature does not allow you to always have your own equipped studio available. Post-race massages and physiotherapy treatments are in fact carried out in the hotel rooms where the team is staying. Therefore having a technology that is both effective and portable is fundamental. The newONE system was created with the specific purpose of promoting the development of energy within biological tissues to activate tissue repair, after removing inflammation by eliminating the chemical factors that determine it (TE.CA.R therapy * - Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer). (pagina sponsor)

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