Plasmage is recognized as the leading medical device based on plasma energy thanks to it’s unique features:

Patented fractional plasma 30 possible combinations
Preset programs
Portability and design of the device
Ergonomics of the handpiece
User friendly software
Medical CE and made in Italy

The applications are multiple. The most famous is
the blefaroplasma® which is the rejuvenation of
upper and lower eyelids as until very recently the
only e cacious solution was the surgical

With Plasmage® the downtime is short, the
procedure takes 15 minutes to be performed.

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  • Plasmage on Tatler Magazine
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    Plasmage eye lift on Tatler Magazine, special issue of cosmetic surgery.

    Article published Tatler Magazine, special issue of cosmetic surgery. 04/02/2021


    Eye lift with Dr. Stefanie Williams

    ... Hi-tech plasmage (this looks no different from an Apple iPad stylus), delivering tiny vibrations of plasma energy to the skin to deliver superior quality for papebral lifting (blepharoplasty)

    the eyes open, the hooded lids are retracted and the lowered eyebrows also appear more raised. Expect to look wide awake and have ample space to apply eyeshadow now ...




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    TATLERT is a British magazine from Condé Nast Publications, first published in 1709, Tatler is a powerful mix of glamor, fashion, society and gossip
    In addition to England, Tatler is also published in Russia by Conde Nast, and in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines by Edipresse Media Asia.

  • IMCAS 2018 - Paris

    IMCAS 20th Annual world congress - 1 to 3 February - 2018 Paris The essence of aesthetic science

    Meet us at Booth n.23

    Plasmage Live demo ROOM 7
    03/02/2018 at 12.20

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We develop and manufacture medical
devices for the market of professional
and physical medicine and rehabilitation.
We are a recognized pioneer and leader
in the worldwide medical aesthetic and

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