Your face need a workout too! Lifting with face gym

Jovena® is a versatile bioregenerative medicine system based on 2 energies: RF Diathermocontraction® and Fractionated Plasma®.

The diathermocontraction® rejuvenates the muscles by massively recruiting fibers and producing an immediate and lasting effect.


  • Firmer and more toned skin
  • lifting characteristics
  • recovery of the mandibular contour
  • triangular-looking face
  • reduction of nasolabial folds
  • reduction of marionette lines
  • lifting and shaping the cheeks
  • reduction of dark circles


(Marionette wrinkles treatment - before and after 1 session)


Jovena ® uses muscular contraction and thermal action (diatermo contraction®) to promote skin tightening, firming and toning

The treatments can be performed all year round. A session lasts from 20 to 30 minutes. The patient feels a slight sensation of heat and rhythmic contractions of the muscles.

The lifting effect of the features is immediate and the appearance obtained is very natural. Usually 3-4 sessions at 1 week / 10 day intervals are recommended. The maintenance of the results takes place through 1-2 additional treatments every 3-4 months. The procedure can be combined with Filler injection because it substantially reduces the need to inject ml.


Dr. Daniela Taher
Aesthetic dermatology, skincare and lasers

Instagram: @dr.danielataher
www: Skin Clinic



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