Article - Study RF Diatermocontraction

Evaluation of radio frequency diathermocontraction device Imperium Med 400 for non-invasive abdominal body shaping

Language: Italian, English
Corresponding author: @dr.i.stoilova
Department of Dermatology and Esthetic Medicine, Dermavist Clinic, Bulgaria.


BACKGROUND: The request for non-invasive body shaping procedures has grown exponentially in the last few years. Radiofrequency treatments are appropriate for those who want a maximum effect with minimal or no downtime at all. We evaluated the effects of non-invasive abdominal body shaping with radiofrequency (diathermy). Radiofrequency treatments (diathermy and diathermocontraction) showed good results in all age groups. Although there was no significant difference in the Body Mass Index the results in loss of centimeters were very high. The aim was to evaluate the efficacy of an RF-based device simultaneously delivering diathermy with simultaneous low-frequency electrical stimulation for subcutaneous fat reduction and muscle toning.

METHODS: Twenty subjects with an average age of 42±17.1 years were recruited. The subjects received 4 abdominal treatments with an interval of 2 to 4 weeks in between. Weight and waist circumference measurements were taken to evaluate the treatment, as well as frontal, lateral, and back digital photographs were taken before treatment and after each treatment session. RESULTS: Waist circumference was significantly (P<0.01) reduced on average by 7.475±5 cm. A significant portion of the reduction (13 patients - 65%) was measured after the first treatment.

CONCLUSIONS: The waist size reduction and improvement seen in photographs showed that the technology is ideal for treating patients who might not be candidates for other existing technologies or whose problem is driven by a combination of fat deposits and underlying muscle laxity.
(Cite this article as: Stoilova I. Evaluation of radio frequency diathermocontraction device Imperium Med 400 for non-invasive abdominal body shaping. Esperienze Dermatol 2022;24:30-3. DOI: 10.23736/S1128-9155.22.00540-4) Key words: Body contouring; Diathermy; Muscle tonus.



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