Our CEO introduces the new concept of jovena, FACESTIM ®

Attilio Grattacaso CEO & Founder of Brera Medical Technologies Interview.

with ANTI-AGE Magazine during AMWC 2023

1. Can you explain what is FACESTIM?

Facestim is a patented concept by Brera Medical. It is the unique combination of the heating of RF and muscle contractions based on Diatermocontraction.
We created this energy 10 years ago mostly for body contouring and now this innovation is part of our latest device Jovena.

With 40 years of experience in physiotherapy and dermatology, Brera Medical understood the need of working on different layers of the body from epidermis, dermis to the muscles.

Facestim is the stimulating treatment of inner muscles. The muscles are the foundation of the body. In aesthetics, everyone is trying to freeze the muscles with injections or is working on the epidermis. With Facestim, you have the first technique allowing you to work and restore the facial muscles while improving the texture and quality of the skin. Our technology combines muscle contractions and heating. This innovation goes further than traditional EMS. We are able to catch all the fibers of the muscles to strenghthen them and optimize the lymphatic drainage.

Associating the heat of RF will also bring more oxygen and vascolarization in the tissues and will boost the fibroblasts. 

2. What are the expected results of Facestim?

Depending on the age of patient, 4 to 6 sessions of 20 minutes each are required to redifine the contour, improve the muscles’ tone and to reduce the facial wrinkles.

We aim at restoring the harmony of facial volume and improving the texture and appearance of the skin.

With Facestim you can achieve a brow lift, to open up the eyes, a mid-face elevation. 

3- Can you combine Facestim with other procedures (fillers…) ? 

Absolutely yes. Facestim will help you restructure the face to allow the practictioner to use less fillers and provide a more natural look to the patient’s skin.

Also, Facestim is part of Jovena, a device that combines Fractional Plasma for minimal-invasive skin resurfacing for face, neck and decollete.

4- Can you describe us your product range; Plasmage, Jovena, etc…

Brera Medical is the leading manufacturer for plasma energy, first with Plasmage which got FDA clearence last year and used in more than 50 countries.

And now with Jovena, Brera Medical demonstrated the use and the efficiency of Fractional Plasma in anti-aging.


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